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All posts tagged: Best Venues in Coimbatore

We are excited to announce the best venue for the month of November, 2017- Kiscol Grands, Coimbatore; and this time around, we hope to present it in the form a rhyme story! Read on… Introducing Kiscol Grands A hidden gem in Kovai City, ‘Kiscol Grands’ is a great venue in the Gandhipuram vicinity! It has 2 Banquet

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This time around, the best venue of the month goes to Ananya’s nest- Coimbatore. Let’s read through the story to understand why Reservado picked this venue! NOTE: *All characters are fictitious- created for story-telling purpose only. *Vanitha was anxious; her daughter’s birthday was nearing, and she was yet to find a cute, cozy venue for

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22 ° Celsius; cool morning breeze; majestic Western Ghats in the backdrop; verdure all around. Windsor Gardens in Coimbatore is but a dream set in reality! Do you think indoor weddings are boring? Or, are you looking for ways to make your pre-wedding photo-shoot unique, and memorable? Or, Are you confused about finding the most relaxing venue for

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